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My online home is my personal website, which means that if you are looking for business you should really be looking at the mindRipple- homepage.

This site is built on Travelsized CMS, which is my own, homegrown content management system. More about that can be found at the Travelsized CMS homepage-

Changes are that you will not even have read this far. However, if you are a little like me and is regularly bored enough, or interested enough, to read the entire front page of a website, you will be disappointed to know that the following is not the most interesting part of the website. In stead, here comes a description of what is hidden behind each of the menu items at the top:

Front page Hmm... Really difficult to figure that one ;) I wont insult your intelligence by telling you

About me All the information about me that is purely informational. Also contains lots of pictures and such

Programming The work I have done programming-wise. All sorts of interesting (and not) work

Gaming A bunch of stuff that is my venture into the world of gaming. Some levels for Quake 1 and one very large level for Half-Life.

Graphics Graphic work by yours truly, both 2D and 3D work, by hand or using a computer.

Sound Music and other such audible things

Writings All sorts of creative writing, amongst others The Negative Dreamstate

Otherkin Those odd people that believe they aren't from around here. No, I'm not talking about Earth

Costuming Costuming work, and precursors to it

Furries The most fuzzy bunch of people on the planet. For one reason or another, at least :)

Links My personal collection of links. Most of these are just for myself, but they are also so you can see what interests me by proxy :)