Tuesday 13th March 2007

Added a new subgallery to Pictures showing my new flat (and found a bug in Travelsized's .htaccess, meaning it doesn't handle international characters - todone and will fix when i get home later today)

Updated the description of the Wank to fit the one on my RFO profile-

Friday 1st December 2006

Added a new piece of writing, on request: Installing and Using Doxygen

Thursday 15th August 2006

Added an entirely new section... Movies that i have at helped create are now available for download from Video stuff :)

Tuesday 26th July 2005

New test... I'm 76% nerd ;)

Wednesday 6th July 2005

Added description of the more fuzzy me, in the shape of the Wank page, and I added the dIsTRyButED NoIZe album for download on the Music page. Thanks to Paleo, this is now possible, since this would have taken up all the available storage space on my old web host ;)

Thursday 14th April 2005

Updated the Reinhardt Icon Set to version 0.9.3. Now again includes a PNG version, because there are some problems getting the SVG version to work properly (plus it's faster ;) )

Thursday 10th February 2005

Entirely new backend for the website. I'm now using Uberghey CMS- for this site, and in the process got a 'few' bugs weeded out of the system. All in all, I'm quite happy with how the thing works :) Gallery needs some usability work, but that's a different story ;)

Wednesday 30th November 2004

Updated the Reinhardt widget style, and also added the results of a new test to the Internet Tests... Apparently I'm a Collie ;)

Friday 3rd September 2004

Updated the Reinhardt Icon Set.

Sunday 29th August 2004

New version of the Reinhardt widget style - Fixed long standing bug (that until a month ago I had no idea was there, just thought Kopete didn't highlight tabs on new messages ;) ). Also updated screenshot, as old one was getting... well, old ;)

Thursday 26th August 2004

New pictures in the main gallery, in honour of my new digital camera ;) Two panoramas of my room, and one picture of 'my' corner :)

Thursday 5th August 2004

D'oh! Forgot to update the Reinhardt widget style! Well, here it is :)

Friday 4th June May 2004

Forgot to mention I updated the Reinhardt Icon Set. I have uploaded two new Short Stories. They are actually both old, and one has been translated from Danish.

Wednesday 5th May 2004

Found out that I could install flash using Crossover Office, and that it works really well. So now the front page flash has been updated slightly :) I'm not quite satisfied with it yet, but it'll get there eventually :)

Sunday 25th April 2004

Updated the Reinhardt widget style and uploaded a new picture to the Pixel graphics gallery.

Thursday 1 April 2004

Updated The Reinhardt Icon Set, which now has 845 icons, and works (more or less) as a scalable icon set.

Wednesday 11 February 2004

Updated the Reinhardt widget style to version 0.6.2. Also, I have moved, so there will be a new picture or two sometime soonish ;)

Wednesday 2 Dec 2003

Added a picture of my room in the pictures section. Also, a new test has been put up. I've also added a new picture to my Hand drawn graphics page.

Sunday 30 Nov 2003

Uploaded the newest version 0.7 of the Reinhardt Icon Set.

Saturday 22 Nov 2003

Fixed the gallery script for the pictures all around the site. The new windows now have scrollbars.

Monday 10 Nov 2003

Made a Dirty Fix&tm to the flash on the front page (popped a few html pages that then redirects to the correct place, cos FLASH doesn't work under Wine :P). Also, added a new test to the Internet Tests page! :D

Saturday 8 Nov 2003

The Reinhardt Icon Set has been updated to version 0.6. The Reinhatdt widget style has also been updated to version 0.6.

Wednesday 5 Nov 2003

The Links section has been fixed a bit (links now open in a new window), if you pass arguments to index.php, you are automatically reffered on to content.php (tiny thing for linking purposes). New picture has been added in my personal gallery.

Friday 24 Oct 2003

A new gallery has been added on the Pictures page, and a few errors have been fixed (the page is as close as it can get to being real HTML 4.01 in it's current state).

Thursday 09 Oct 2003

Moved the Cartoons Links in the Links section to it's own little bit, and added a bit of descriptive text to the general links page. Also added several links all over the place.

Monday 06 Oct 2003

Added a new section ( Internet Tests in writings) as well as a few updates around the site.

Sunday 28th Sep 2003

The entire contents have been filled out, all that is missing now is for the front page FLASH animation to be fixed (it's pointing at all the wrong files :P).

Friday 26th Sep 2003

Pictures section in About me is working! I ended up making my own gallery, which is pluggable, and I can thus use it anywhere (like the Costuming section and the Graphics section). Also, the thumbnail generator is equally pluggable, so that I can use that for pictures throughout the site.

Tuesday 22nd Sep 2003

I began coding this new version of my homepage. All the old news have been wiped and the slate is nowhere near clean ;) I will be moving a lot of the old content to this new site, while of course updating what needs updating.