Since the death of the OtherKin Information Triad, there has not been a source of information on otherkin quite like it (to my knowledge, please tell me if there is-). I have to say that quite possibly, I have some large part of the guilt for the OKIT's not existing any more, as I was the webmaster, and at some point more or less stopped being an active member of the OKIT. As that, of course, it stopped being updated, and suffered both information and page rot (i.e. remote linked page graphics disappearing etc.) and the page itself finally disappearing due to the host shutting down.

Thus, what I have done is take the contents of the page as they were in the last copy that I have myself and put up here. Some may very well be outdated (the last update was in late 1999), but if you have any changes at all to make to the documents within, please do not hesitate to e-mail me with the changes-. Any additions you may have to contribute are accepted with open arms as well.