The Negative Dreamstate

As the night slowly creeps

To fill the beings above ground with peaceful slumber,

A single soul is struggling in great agony,

Unable to flee from the world of constant threats

Screaming without voice

He's trapped inside The Negative Dreamstate.

He travelled to the end of the known world, and beyond. Only sustained by his own imagination. Even all the other persons he meet along the way are items of his great imagination. The only things in his Negative Dreamstate, that are not of him, is the verses, chants and riddles, all so very different from the ones in our real world. He unravels the secrets of many gatekeepers, and he wins fights against the best fighters of all worlds, and as he tries to reach back to our world, he find himself captured in The Negative Dreamstate. It is him the above verse is about, and his story is still to come. I will, by the powers of storytelling given to me by Ulfanik, the great god of Life, tell the story of the man, who was trapped inside The Negative Dreamstate, and how he escaped.