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Welcome to the Tutrinariana Holt Homepage

Hi there! Welcome to the Tutrinariana Holt Homepage. This holt has had a kind of tumbled life, first starting of as a sub of one of the holt leaders home, then going to it's own place on, again as a subdir of one of the holt leaders' homepage, and then back to again. Well, as it has been hard, all again, we have actually gotten members of our holt even though they must have had kind of a hard time tracking us down, when all this happened. We have just moved again, and the holt that started y1998m01d28 has now settled on, and here we intend to stay for some foreseeable future. Well, that's enough for the real-world history of this holt. Hope you'll enjoy your little tour into this part of the enormous world of ElfQuest; The World of Two Moons, Abode. Wee bith Ye welcome!

You might want to download this font, as it is used to show the captions on all the pages, and the pages were designed using that font. It should look all right without it, but I strongly encourage you to download and install it. And it looks great, too.

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