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Phew, well what would a homepage be without selfish part. It seems that everyone on the net that have a homepage have a page that is very selfish, so we thought, that we wouldn't be off the standard and thus we made this little page. Even though there's really nothing here, you can just go to the holt leader's homepage to see it's personal info... . So far Takira has no homepage.

Also, a small note on the accesibility of this page. The page has been tested in Opera 3, Netscape Navigator 4.06 for Windows95 and Internet Explorer 5.0, and it has been inspected using Lynx, where they were at the very least viewable, so the pages should be usable for about everyone online. Of cause there is a "but", there always is: The pages are best viewed using Internet Explorer or Navigator, but then again, that is only for the purpose of the tables used on the fanfic and character list pages. Everything else can be viewed in any browser.

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