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Arukthra CIS

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Information on you

Your name: Lise Dahl Jabobsen
Your address: Østbakken 7 DK-9460 Brovst
Your gender: Female

Your character

Character name: Arukthra Arrakeen
Played by: Lise Dahl Jacobsen (
Gender: Male
Preserver's name: Loud-mouth High-thing
Origin holt: Tutrinariana eh Adanddrith Surikra
Race/ tribe: Wolfrider
Lovemate(s): Savree
Lifemate(s): None


Known by: Takira
Soul-sister/ -brother: Takira
Recognized: Savree

Bondbeast (if any)

Name: Wildfang
Animal: Wolf
Gender: Female
Age: 7 years
Color/ looks: White with grey socks. Bright eyes.


Mother: Millish
Father: P'tchekka (pronounce: pitjekkah)
Siblings: Takira
Children: Depends on who you ask (if you ask his parents: none. Ask anyone else in the holt: Lots'n'lots)
Other: None
Pet(s): Jingletounge

Looks and other attributes

Hair/ fur: Long red hair. Well-cared-for
Eyes: Light-blue. Asian like
Mouth: Ordinary
Skin: Sunburned, but not as much as Takira's
Nose: Wolflike (see drawing)
Overall face: Not describen (see drawing)
Build: Pretty much an average wolfrider
Scars/ distinctions: Eyes change colors when he gets angry
Voice: Deep and raspy
Age: 20 years
Weight: 35 kilograms
Height: 1.40 Metres

Clothing and belongings

Color scheme: Brown colors, natural hide colors
Clothes (summer): Shorts, long vest, T-Shirt
Clothes (winter): Puffy pants, fur vest
Jewelry: Long string of gold earrings in left ear
Weapons /tools:  

Other things

Talent(s) (magic): Sending
Skill(s): Very charming (everyone tends to fall for him), very good in the furs
Sees self as:  
Personality: A trickster (like his sister)
Outlook on life: Life is a playground, but if you kick somebody, get him a healer
Likes: A good roll in the furs
Dislikes: When people abandons their beloved ones
History: The Story of Arukthra Arrakeen
Important to remember: Always takes responsibility for his actions (sometimes also his sister's)

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