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The History of Arukthra Arrakeen

Arukthra and his twin-sister Takira were born during a thunderstorm in November, at the very same moment a lightning struck in the middle of the three trees the village is made of. The next day, when the villagers came out of their homes to see the newborn children and the damage caused by the lightning, they saw a small crater in which rain had been collected. Of course they took it as a sign of the future of the children; that they both would cause mayhem and chaos, but that it would result in something good. If they had known how right they were...

Aruk grew up pretty much like his sister, spreading chaos were ever he went, but wen he entered puberty, he saw the differences between his sister and himself, and began taking interest in other things, than he was used to; the other sex, for example. Starting slowly, but soon becoming a Casanova, that would make the ladies in the holt whisper sweet secrets in each others ears, whenever he came by. As his sister, he has an ability to strike at the right places, charming his way into the hearts of his lady-friends; and though they know, he never commits, they can always count on him in times of need. That's the way Aruk is; having fun, but still caring.

There is a saying in the holt: "The thief and the jester are never apart." And Aruk lives by it as no-one else can; sneaking his way into the sleeping-furs of his lovers, bringing joy and smiles to them. He just can't help it; being a large-size consumer of love. Although he has not met Recognition yet, he still loves each and everyone as a close member of his life.

Being the brother of Takira, he can not help but being involved in something related to the trolls. As the rest of the holt he does not like them, but still has an odd respect for them, since they are capable of having his sister so close by; it is sometimes hard for him to keep that respect though, since the trolls won't call him by his name, but simply refers to him as "the Scullbreaker's brother".

He has had experiences in which he has been forced to deal with jealous boy-friends, and though he is not the fighting kind, he can defense himself; he just doesn't use it that much, since he can charm males as well as females. Sometimes, he even offers them to participate him in his crusade of satisfaction.

The preserver, Jingletongue, is also as great a part of his life as it is in his sisters. First only a creature of irritation, it became a handy helper, telling him whenever "the coast is clear" though he tends to spoil it, thinking of it as a mere pet.

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