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Characters of the Holt

Here is now the Character List. This list is separated into three parts: The Main characters, the first (or preferred) character a person creates; The Second characters, the characters that people have created, but are not their main character; And The Adoptable characters, characters, that people have created, that others can choose to say "I would like to play that character" if they don't want to make up a character for themselves, or if the character they are going to make would look too much like that one (if this happens, and if the person is not in any stories yet (apart from small notices) we can maybe discuss a swap of your and the other character).

Main characters

Character NameShort describtion
Leinir Turthra Played by: Dan Jensen (, ICQ# 14679490)
Short describtion: A glider/ wolfrider, who was born into the holt (she is the only daughter of the chief at the point, but she does not want to be chieftess)
Takira Arrakeen Played by: Lise Dahl Jacobsen (
Short describtion: A wolfrider, who is known to be more friendly towards trolls than elves. This, though, does not mean that she dislikes elves, just that she simply has more friends amongst trolls than she has amongst elves. She tends to behave a lot like trolls, too.
Mist Played by: Cristina Myrebøe(, ICQ# 4294464)
Short describtion: Silent Mist stays in the background and remembers everything. Her magic ability makes it easier for her to go unnoticed. The fact that her birth mother really did not know what to do with the infant and was releaved to give her up to her father may or may not have marked her. She regards her father Shadowtracker's lifemate Arahamihr as her real mother.
Perill Played by: Pernille Sylvest (
Short describtion: Missing (please write one and send it to
Ley'Shen Ariolvc Played by: Jessica Kimbell (
Short describtion: Missing (please write one and send it to
Sekari Played by: Rachel (, ICQ# 65794704)
Short describtion: Missing (please write one and send it to
Shimmer Eye Played by: Solfrid Meisler (
Short describtion: Born in the fall,Shimmer Eye got a natural dreamy way of being,just as the season she was born into.Shimmer Eye combined her dreamy behaviour with a lively and happy one,until the winter her parents were killed by a nomade troll tribe.She is still a dreamer,but a much more quiet one.She is the silent hunter,the one who never gives up and the one you can always trust on.
Sage Played by: Stephanie ( Short describtion: Missing (please write one and send it to

Secondary characters

Character NameShort describtion
Arukthra Arrakeen Played by: Lise Dahl Jacobsen (
Short Describtion: He's a wolfrider, he's an elf, and he has a wolf; but he doesn't do wolves, but... :-). Apart from that: See Pike...
Yatter Played by: Lise Dahl Jacobsen (
Short Describtion: A troll, that visits the holt rather frequently. A friend of Takira
Shadowtracker Character owned by: Cristina Myrebøe (, ICQ# 4294464)
Short describtion: Easy going, hunter and tracker, this observant elf recognized two very different elf maidens and sired two very different daughters. He left his tribe for love of Arahamihr of the Tutrinariana.
Reemin Character owned by: Cristina Myrebøe (, ICQ# 4294464)
Short describtion: Aspiring lead singer of the Castle elves, quite spoiled but very nice about it. Recogniton with elves outside the Castle is not uncommon among her folk, though ragged Shadowtracker was a little on the wild side for her taste.
Arahamihr Character owned by: Cristina Myrebøe (, ICQ# 4294464)
Short describtion: Serene and gentle, always the comfort. Her knowledge of herblore serves the tribe for practical tasks as well as ornament. Her longing for a child was somewhat calmed by rising the daughter of her lifemate Shadowtracker.
Yudak Character owned by: Rachel (, ICQ# 65794704)
Short Describtion: Glider, who came into the holt after he had been found, lying on the ground with his bird standing above him, on a hunting trip into the inner forest. He has no memory what-so-ever of his life before. He could only remember his name

Adoptable characters

Character NameShort describtion
Leetyur Short Describtion: She is known amongst the trolls as "The Big Cat", due to her curiosity and her feline aura. She is a Longtooth-rider, and a healer.
Lonewandrer Short describtion: This rather lupine elf was born maksimally wolf-blooded. After her mother Catch's death she took off with some of the more elf-like wolves of her tribe and is not often seen. You don't hear anything comming? That's her.
Streak (aka. Dark Strike) Short Describtion: A hill dweller who came to the holt in order to visit a friend of his father's (P'chekkah). Met Takira and decided to stay and try to make her stop visiting the trolls, something we all know is next to impossible... Future note: is planned to recognize Takira (story writing in progress, contact Lise if you wish to adopt him)

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