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Desctibtion of the Holt

Character types:

Tutrinariana Holt is basically a wolfrider holt, but there has come other elves to the holt.

Style of dens:

The type of den that the most elves in this holt live in is the type of den, that the wolfriders in ElfQuest use; that is, a tree shaped through the years into living space. Difference is: This holt is kind of big, and we actually have three trees (in a triangle around the middle plaza and so wowen into each other, that they almost seem like one big tree).

There are other types of dens in use in the holt, too. one of our gliders, Yudak has got a nest in the near-top of the second holt tree.

Animals in the holt:

Tutrinariana holt holds many kinds of animals. As there are many wolfriders, there are of cause many wolves. But there are also other animals. These include: One big bird (one of our gliders' bird; see his describtion here), a longtooth and several zwoots (primarily used by visiting desert people, but also used by the hunters to trag home their prey, when they have been on longer hunting trips).

Map of holt area and nearest surroundings

Maybe you have an idea of a place that ought to be on the map. Mail or page/ send a message to ICQ# 14679490 and tell him what it's about and you could get together and talk (well, online in any case :-/ ).

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