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The History of Leetyur

Although she was born by a wolfrider, Leetyur has never felt as one. Not only being the only one in the holt, who has bonded with a long-tooth, she is also very different in both shape and mind. Growing up in a place, where everybody else is different, put marks in her soul, that could only mend whenever she told stories. In the beginning she said what she saw; told about the life and pleasures of the holt, but later on they grew bigger and bigger, getting more fantastic and unbelievable, and now they are a little piece of each.

Leetyur is very melancholic. Feeling so different has changed her way of thinking, and because of that, she tends to have a little paranoia. When growing up she used to walk by herself, thinking of life and death and all in between, and coming to the conclusion, that since she was so unlike the others, she might as well "stay out". So instead of becoming a blend of the others, as you normally do, when you grow up, she looked at her bondbeast, Bushtail, and began acting like her; not that she started walking on four legs and growling, but she tends to behave very feline now; sleeping most of the time, being lazy in her way of thinking and moving incredibly lithe. A rumor in the holt even says, that she purrs when she makes love.

As said before, she is very dark-sighted in her vision of the future; she virtually lives by the modern saying: "Life's a bitch, in the end you'll die." She just can not see the bright sides of life, and hates when others are too optimistic; it often results in her showing one of her other attributes: Sarcasm, that really bites. But she is still an elf, and she does not hurt people with her words, but she can put a really bad mood into a conversation. (She's kinda like the sorcerer Raistlin from the Dragonlance books)

Leetyur has healing powers, and it is probably only when she is doing that, that she shows any affection for her fellow elves. Not that she does not like them; she just never shows it. But maybe it is because of that, that she is especially eager to heal wounds and broken limbs with as much speed as possible. As a child, she trained this ability until she could heal with a speed unheard of. With small wounds and cuts she only has to look at it and heal it by merely sending. Broken limbs has to be touched, but even with those, she only has to put her hands on them for a moment.

She usually keeps by herself and Bushtail, but lately she has been seen with Takira near the trolls caves. Some say, that she is finally loosing up and becoming a bit more social, but only Leetyur and Takira knows.

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