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The History of Leinir Turthra

Born amongst soft hides and warm furs, Leinir got into this world the best possible way. Being the heiress in a royal family, she could have her way whenever she wanted to. But that is not how she is. You could say the quite opposite.

Leinir is a natural leader; not only by birth, but also by the very nature of her mind. She does not like to take control, but when it is given to her, she shows true leadership.

She is kind of like the princess, you read about in the fairytales, who dresses up as a poor girl and sneaks out of the castle to hang around with the peasants. Though the elves does not have s code of behavior for future chiefs and chieftesses, she still feels, she should do something different, so that her parents can see, she is their heiress.

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