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Ley'shen CIS

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Your character

Character name: Ley'Shen Ariolvc
Played by: Jessica Kimbell (
Gender: Female
Preserver's name: Laugh-silly Highthing
Origin holt: Aereal Mountain
Race/ tribe: Hill Dwellers
Lovemate(s): None
Lifemate(s): None


Soulname: D'y'Asha
Known by: WinderMere
Soul-sister/ -brother: WindSong
Recognized: No

Bondbeast (if any)

Name: WinderMere
Animal: Wolf
Gender: Male
Age: 40 years
Color/ looks: Brown black with red tints


Mother: A'Y'Daertha (healer)
Father: Wood Axe (chief)
Siblings: WindSong (archer)
Children: None
Other: None
Pet(s): None

Looks and other attributes

Hair/ fur: Brown worn long loose
Eyes: Oval, slanted, blue
Mouth: Full pouty lips
Skin: Tan
Nose: Small round and down turned
Overall face: Oval
Build: Slender
Scars/ distinctions: Small scar on upper left arm
Voice: Soft raspy
Age: 16 years
Weight: 112 pounds (50.8 kilograms)
Height: 4'0''

Clothing and belongings

Color scheme: Black and green
Clothes (summer): Two piece halter top and skirt
Clothes (winter): Long sleaved tunic and leggings
Jewelry: Small necklace
Weapons /tools: Spear

Other things

Talent(s) (magic): Sending, floating
Skill(s): None
Sees self as: Glider
Personality: Mischievous
Outlook on life: Excellent
Likes: Friends
Dislikes: Humans
History: Unknown
Important to remember: Shy

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