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Mist CIS

Your character

Character name: Mist
Played by: Cristina Myrebøe (, ICQ# 4294464)
Gender: Female
Preserver's name: Misty High-thing
Origin holt: Tutrinariana eh Addandrith Surikra
Race/ tribe: Wolfrider/ glider
Lovemate(s): None
Lifemate(s): None


Soulname: Unknown, wether she has any
Known by: Possibly her mother, if she has one
Soul-sister/ -brother: No
Recognized: No

Bondbeast (if any)

Color/ looks:


Mother: Reemin, Glider
Father: Shadowtracker, Wolfrider
Siblings: ?
Children: No
Other: No
Pet(s): No

Looks and other attributes

Hair/ fur: Shoulder long, straight, grey-brown
Eyes: Average size, grey-brown
Mouth: A little bit broad, faint reddish grey-brown
Skin: Grey-brown
Nose: Straight, a bit long, soft edges
Overall face: Oval
Build: Bland, seems less fit than she is. A layer of fat over average musculature. From a little distance it is not easy to see if she is male or female, old or young, or even what race she is, even when not using charm. Arms, legs, hands and feet are a bit long.
Scars/ distinctions: Ears a little smaller and not as pointed as the average elf.
Voice: Airy, can be heard over some distance even when low. Surprisingly loud if necessary.
Age: 120 years
Weight: A bit more than average (meaning about 40) kilograms
Height: Shorter than the average glider, taller than the average wolfrider (meaning about 1.45) metres

Clothing and belongings

Color scheme: Dead leaves in summer, grey.white in winter.
Clothes (summer): Loose fitting tunic, loose fitting mid.leg.short trousers, knee-high leather boots.
Clothes (winter): Loose-fitting anorak, long trousers, short fur boots.
Jewelry: Hair band, necklace with a small knife.
Weapons /tools: Tools for digging out roots, for fishing, for climbing high trees or mountainsides, a knife, a sling, all in small pouches or pockets in her belt

Other things

Talent(s) (magic): Sending, glamour (The "classic" elven ability to make sentient beings with a certain amount of fantasy sense things that are not there. Or the other way around. Will be found out by anyone with a "magic feeling", any other able to sense other's minds. Or people or animals with little imagination. May be able, by some talent and training, to "mind cover", sort of letting the mind blend into the surroundings. Individuals knowing they are being "charmed" may be able to focus enough to see through the charm, especially preservers, for some reason. The "charm" takes place in the individual beholder's mind, and wears off after a while when the charmer goes away, stops charming or looses consciousness. No actual limit to the amount of beings affected by the charm, probably a distance limit.
Skill(s): Hears very well, remembers very well. A little clumsy, but not as much as her build indicates. Throws things very accurately, but not particularly far. Climbs almost any surface. Blends into almost any background, mind and soul.
Sees self as: Someone watching rather than taking part. Does not really think about it.
Personality: Seems rather bland, hard to notice wether present or not. Not much of a talker, or sender for that sake, unless specifically invited. Might then share more than the inviter really expected or wanted to know. Will give a rather downright answer to any question, or none at all. Tends to analyse anything very carefully before taking a stand. Being a bit lazy, she often does not really bother to do that unless it is important or when pressed. Very stable mood. Does not like to give her opinion unless she is really sure about it. Will avoid any sort of confrontation of possible. Does not forget easily of actually pushed to anger. Very loyal. Very patient. No ambitions.
Outlook on life: To watch, to learn, to be part of the tribe. This happens all the time, she is actually very happy.
Likes: Peace, always being able to get away, birds, regular meals, climb trees or mountains
Dislikes: Being noticed, great changes, having to make up her mind.
History: Born, grew up, watched, listened, learned, stayed out of the way.
Important to remember: Not stupid, not uncaring, just somewhat withdrawn. Cannot be dared to do things, should not be pushed - it does not help.

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