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Perill CIS

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Your character

Character name: Perill
Played by: Pernille Sylvest (
Gender: Female
Preserver's name: Dreamy One
Origin holt: unknown
Race/ tribe: unknown
Lovemate(s): None
Lifemate(s): None


Soulname: Kha
Known by: None
Soul-sister/ -brother: None
Recognized: No

Bondbeast (if any)

Name: Searcher
Animal: Wolf
Gender: Male
Age: 7 years
Color/ looks: Spotted, grey, black, white and golden


Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Siblings: None
Children: None
Other: Meek - an old human woman, who raised her for 10 years, now dead
Pet(s): Too many to describe

Looks and other attributes

Hair/ fur: Normal not very curly hair, dark blond with red glints, long, loosely set in a pony tail with a few stray curls
Eyes: Smiling/ challenging life, sometimes sad, grey/blue, average shape, almost red brows
Mouth: Feminine with round contours
Skin: Light/ golden
Nose: Ordinary
Overall face: Heart shaped, with high cheekbones
Build: Ordinary feminine, slim but not voluptuous build
Scars/ distinctions: A faded scar on the neck after a hunters knife - not an accident
Voice: Non talkative - low, soprano
Age: 630 to 640 years
Weight: 35 kilograms
Height: 1.41 metres

Clothing and belongings

Color scheme: Green, grey, golden and red/ brown
Clothes (summer): Little, loose and fitting - large pockets for her pets
Clothes (winter): Practical, furry and fitting - large pockets for her pets
Jewelry: A thin gold band around the waist under the cloth
Weapons /tools: Bow and slingshot

Other things

Talent(s) (magic): Sending, very small glider ability, healer - but mostly when working with animals, can get in mindtouch with lost animals on a primitive basis
Skill(s): Overall good shape, great hunter with the bow - knows which game to shoot
Sees self as: A searcher without a visible goal
Personality: Eccentric, dreamy, good friend and non-existing enemy, avoids unknowingly most physical contact by reflex, competitive trickster with the men when hunting, thinks a lot - and tend to be very rash, when finally doing an impulsive action.
Outlook on life: "There must be more, what's missing - can I dream it up, hunt it down or live without it?"
Likes: Traveling, a good hunt and a good challenge, training animals and dreaming on a branch, a hill, a cliff or any other lonely place known only to the preservers and her animals.
Dislikes: War and dreamberrie-products and to be forced to do anything without her own concent to do so.
History: Remembers none of her childhood, before she at 6 years was taken in by an old human woman. After the human died she travelled to find her own people - and she kept on traveling, searching for the unknown element missing in her life. Now she is a traveling elf, who is more often welcome than not in foreign holts and a few human settlements, because of her ability to train and heal animals. Even trolls tend to like her, because she takes no fee for healing an animal, which is why, they treat her like an ignorant child.
Important to remember: Travels on by a rash, impulsive notion - can return years after as if nothing has happened.

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