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Reemin CIS

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Your character

Character name: Reemin
Played by: Cristina Myrebøe, (, ICQ# 4294464)
Gender: Female
Preserver's name: Soft-voice High-thing
Origin holt: Glider holt
Race/ tribe: Glider
Lovemate(s): Shadowtracker and several others
Lifemate(s): None


Soulname: None
Known by:  
Soul-sister/ -brother: Reeviel
Recognized: Once, Shadowtracker

Bondbeast (if any)

Name: Bluewing
Animal: Giant hawk
Age: 38 years
Color/ looks: Thin neck, very beautiful tail, blue and grey feathers


Mother: Reeviel
Father: Tahmel
Siblings: None
Children: Mist
Other: No
Pet(s): No

Looks and other attributes

Hair/ fur: Silky reddish yellow, down to her knees
Eyes: Big, violet
Mouth: Full lips, purple
Skin: Ebony
Nose: Delicate
Overall face: Oval
Build: Tall, even for a glider, elegant, gracious
Scars/ distinctions: Lacks the thumb on the left hand
Voice: Beautiful, deep, warm, rich
Age: 1280 years
Weight: 50 Kilograms
Height: 1.90 Metres

Clothing and belongings

Color scheme: Gold , violet and purple
Clothes (summer): Long robe of shimmering stuff with traditional feather arrangement
Clothes (winter): Fur jacket, fur pants, fur boots
Jewelry: Lots. Tiara, bracelets, earrings, several necklaces, adormned belts, anclelaces.
Weapons /tools: None

Other things

Talent(s) (magic): Sending
Skill(s): Sings very well, plays a couple of instruments quite well
Sees self as: An entertainer. Maybe The Entertainer
Personality: Joyful, easy, certain that life will never harm her
Outlook on life: It's a wonderful life
Likes: To sing, to play music, to dance, to be the center of attention
Dislikes: Lack of comfort
History: Grew up to be quite spoiled, but nice enough not to let that be a nuisance. The recognition
Important to remember: Quite more intelligent than her ways may lead people to think

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