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Sage CIS

Your character

Character name: Sage
Played by: Stephanie (
Character gender: Female
Preserver's name: Dream-day High-thing
Origin holt: Holt of the Dreamers
Race/ tribe: elf
Lovemate(s): Skywise, Sunleaf and Keen-eyes
Lifemate(s): Sunleaf (deceaced)


Soulname: Keane
Known by: Mother, Father, Sunleaf (deceaced), and Clova
Soul-sister/ -brother: Clova
Rezognized: Sunleaf (deceaced)


Have a bondbeast: True
Name: Softpaw
Animal: Wolf
Gender: Female
Age: 2
Color/ looks: She is all black with a white streak down her chest and stomach. She has brown eyes and white paws.


Mother: Snowberry, a treeshaper
Father: Firestorm, the chief of the Dreamers
Siblings: Clova, friend and soulsister
Children: None
Other: None
Pet(s): None

Looks & other attributes

Hair/ fur: Shoulder length and a light shade of brown
Eyes: Wolf-shaped (like Cutter's) and a green-blue color
Mouth: Medium size..? (like Leetah's)
Skin: A light brown
Nose: Regular size in EQ and turns down a little
Overall face: Oval
Build: The build of the average size for an elf that is 24 years old
Scars/ distinktions: A scar on her right arm about half way down her arm starting at a diagonal from her shoulder.
Voice: Like a young, beautiful maiden
Age: 24 years
Weight: 98 Pounds (imperial)
Height: 3'4" Feet (imperial)

Clothings & other belongings

Color scheme: Green and brown
Clothes (summer): A green top with one long sleeve on the leftside and one sleeve on my rightside with a thin strap that goes over her shoulder. A pair of shorts that are brown. A pair a short lenght brown boots and a green armband that covers up half of the scar. Also, a green headband.
Clothes (winter): Same top, but with a wrap-around white fur and brown bell-bottomed pants.
Jewelry: A leather necklace with a pouch at the end that Snowberry gave to her.
Weapons/ tools: A knife that is straped to the side of my left leg and a pouch of herbs that is tied to the right side of my shorts/pants. Also, a bow and a quell of arrows on her back.

Other things

Talent(s) (magic): Sending, treeshaping, a type of healing, but with plants, the ability to levitate things lighter then her, and the ability to dream about what will happen in the future during the day only though.
Skill(s): A keen nack for hunting and stealth from her father, Firestorm, who was one of the tribes strongest and greatest hunters.
Sees self as: not being good enough for anyone or task.
Personality: She has low-selfesteem and is often found hunting or training her skills alone. She gets along fine with other elves, but prefers to be alone.
Outlook on life: She views life as being very cruel at times, but very loving too. If we put it in our terms she views the cup of life as neither half full of half empty.
Likes: Likes solitude, "sleep" in the furs, and trying to master her skills.
Dislikes: Being with other elves for a long time and the nightmares of her tribes death.
History: Her whole tribe was killed by the attack of the Taldrons; which are huge winged beast. Sage got the scar from a Taldron who tried to attack her, but Sage and Clova fled to the safty of the woods in search of a new tribe to welcome them.
Important: Sage has no mother, father, or lifemates. Sage is the chief of nothing and only her friend is there to comfort her everlasting pain.

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