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Sekari CIS

Information on you

Your name: Rachel Jones
Your address: 628 River Road
Sterlington, la 71280
Your gender: Female

Your character

Character name: Sekari
Played by: Rachel (, ICQ# 65794704)
Character gender: Female
Preserver's name: SoftSpirit High-thing
Origin holt: Unsure..She's a glider....Sooo....
Race/ tribe: Glider
Lovemate(s): Yudak (now AND in the past...)
Lifemate(s): Will be Yudak... someday...


Soulname: Krii
Known by: Yudak
Soul-sister/ -brother: Open
Rezognized: Not yet (maybe Yudak?)


Have a bondbeast: True
Name: Kirtyl
Animal: Bondbird
Gender: Female
Age: 2
Color/ looks: It's silver with gray on it's wings...


Mother: Her mother's name was Dellina,and seemed ageless-killed in crash over water when bondbird's heart failed...
Father: His name was Tejil,and he was older than her mother-killed himself when his Beloved lifemate,Dellina,died...
Siblings: Once,she had a sister named Yuna who vanished...many others,unknown
Children: None...Yet...
Pet(s): None...So far...

Looks & other attributes

Hair/ fur: Her hair is down to her feet,and a liquid silver color...It flows nicely and is very sogt... Worn loose most of the time, but when she's out hunting or fishing worn in a bun with a comb...
Eyes: Her eyes are large, and almond-shaped. They are a deep indigo with a cerulean blue rim to them and silver flecks...
Mouth: She has a small mouth with full,rosey lips that appear VERY kissable...
Skin: She has pale, whitish skin (like most gliders...) with a faint pink tint to her cheeks
Nose: She has a long,straight nose that is slightly upturned...
Overall face: She has an oval face with high cheekbones and delicate features...
Build: She is tall and slim,slightly more busty than other Gliders,and is VERY agile...
Scars/ distinktions: She has a star-shaped birthmark on her bottom...
Voice: She has a light,pleasant,soft voice that is gentle and calm.It is musical like birdsong and lovely to hear...
Age: Inumerable (she never actially COUNTED...) years
Weight: 115 Pounds (imperial)
Height: 6,1 Feet (imperial)

Clothings & other belongings

Color scheme: She wears mainly blues and silvers,with the occassional white thrown in for good measure...
Clothes (summer): She usually wears a no-sleeved,cerulean blue bodysuit with odd designs on the front in black,cool gray,and gray blue.It is feathered in black feathers at the top,and worn with black-feathered indigo blue boots...
Clothes (winter): She wears(usually...)a long-sleeved bodysuit made of indigo blue material with odd patterns on the front in black,cerulean blue,and midnight blue.It has a large,white-feathered collar,and is worn with white-feathered denim blue boots,as well as a white fur cloak for warmth...
Jewelry: She wears a silver and precious gem comb,as well as a silver necklace in the shape of a star.(present from Yudak..)
Weapons/ tools: She carries a long,slim knife made of brightmetal with a glowing red stone set and strange designs inscribed in the pommel...She wears it in an ornamental sheath at her waist..Also carries a medium pouch of healing herbs on her person at all times...

Other things

Talent(s) (magic): She is a VERY strong sender,and fairly powerful rock/metal shaper.She is an EXCELLENT levitator(She IS a glider...)and can heal fairly well.(Related to rock-shaping...ect..)
Skill(s): She is also a good herbal healer,and can hunt with the best of them!She likes hunting,as well as enjoying fishing.Skilled at midwifery,with a penchant for song and dance...She has other,undiscovered skills that may yet show.
Sees self as: A kind glider with a somewhat tragic past,and a love (for Yudak)as great,deep,and strong as the vastdeep water...
Personality: She is gentle and sweet, with a soft spirit and calm bearing.She can be as fierce as any Wolfrider,particuarly when she feels her Beloved is threatened..(She gets REALLY mad...)
Outlook on life: "We're here,we're who we are,we need to laugh,love,and LIVE!!! No use mourning TOO much for the past!!!"
Likes: Life,Birth,Cubs,Yudak,Her talents,Other elves' talents,Kindness,Calm,Beauty,Love,Hope,Freedom,Many things of life and love...(and Yudak...)
Dislikes: Hatred,Cruelty,Self-Pity,(when unnecessary)Boasting,Death,Unneeded death,etc...
History: Her mother's name was Dellina,and she was killed when her bird's heart failed over the vastdeep water.Her father,Tejil,killed himself at this,and Sekari's been traveling ever since...She found her old flame,Yudak,here,and has rekindled the bond...
Important: She DEEPLY loves Yudak,and has vowed to protect him with her life-even her very SOUL...Please don't say anything bad of him in her prescence!(for your sake,not hers!!)

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