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Shadowtracker CIS

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Your character

Character name: Shadowtracker
Played by: Cristina Myrebøe, (, ICQ# 4294464)
Gender: Male
Preserver's name: None
Origin holt: Wolfrider holt
Race/ tribe: Wolfrider
Lovemate(s): None
Lifemate(s): Reemin and several others


Soulname: Tweel
Known by: Parents, Reemin
Soul-sister/ -brother: Hinerhin
Recognized: to Reemin

Bondbeast (if any)

Name: Paletale
Animal: Wolf
Age: 12 years
Color/ looks: Brownish grey


Mother: Windwatch
Father: Willowbranch
Siblings: Strongwill
Children: Mist
Other: None
Pet(s): None

Looks and other attributes

Hair/ fur: Dark brown
Eyes: Dark brown, deep set
Mouth: A bit askew, gives him an odd smile at all times
Skin: Light brown
Nose: Broken
Overall face: High cheekbones, cleaved chin
Build: Well built
Scars/ distinctions: Broken nose. A healer took away the blood and the swelling, but he liked the shape and kept it.
Voice: Light tenor
Age: 265 years
Weight: 38 Kilograms
Height: 1.40 Metres

Clothing and belongings

Color scheme: Brown and green
Clothes (summer): Leggings and tunic
Clothes (winter): Fur west, leather trousers, fur boots
Jewelry: Wooden armbands
Weapons /tools: Short spear, knife

Other things

Talent(s) (magic): Sending
Skill(s): A very carrying voice, can be heard trough almost anything. Tracker, fighter
Sees self as: Provider and protector
Personality: Humoristic, a bit cynical, patient
Outlook on life: Life is what you make of it
Likes: A job well done
Dislikes: Sloppiness
History: The recognition
Important to remember: Unforgiving if angered. Does not give up easily

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