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Streek (aka. Dark Strike) CIS

Your character

Character name: Streak (aka. Dark Strike)
Played by: Lise D. Jacobsen
Character gender: Male
Preserver's name:
Origin holt: Hill-dwellers
Race/ tribe: Go-Back
Lovemate(s): None
Lifemate(s): None


Mother: Farsight
Father: Softpaw
Siblings: Shaggy (brother)
Children: None
Other: None
Pet(s): The mynah bird Telltail

Looks & other attributes

Hair/ fur: Black mohawk in the summer, that turns white during winter and black again in the summer
Eyes: Plain and simple, blue
Mouth: Marked
Skin: Ordinary (a little whiter than tan)
Nose: Have been broken once and still looks like it
Overall face: Square jaw, high cheek-bones
Build: Broad shoulders, look strong (not Schwarzenegger, but strong)
Scars/ distinktions: None
Voice: Ordinary
Age: 26 years
Weight: 40 Kilograms (metric)
Height: 1,39 Metres (metric)

Clothings & other belongings

Color scheme: Dark leather w/ white fur
Clothes (summer): Baggy leather pants and ditto shirt
Clothes (winter): Large fur trenchcoat kinda thingie
Jewelry: None
Weapons/ tools: Spear (blade in both ends, one is always in it's sheat and is only used when in a fight)

Other things

Talent(s) (magic): None
Skill(s): Good swimmer, can hold his breath for longer periods of time than normal
Sees self as: A protector of those who just don't know any better
Personality: Protective, stubborn, loyal
Outlook on life: Those who does not agree with me, must be helped to do so
Likes: Swimming, eating, joining
Dislikes: Trolls and other stubborness, getting beat up by Takira ;)
History: Still to come...
Important: He isn't very tolerant when around trolls and it is VERY hard to get him to change his mind when he's already decided on something. He's got the same status as Arukthra has in this tribe: The greatest charmeur of all times!

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