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The History of Takira Arrakeen

Takira and her twin-brother Arukthra was born during a thunderstorm in November, at the very same moment a lightning struck in the middle of the three trees the village is made of. The next day, when the villagers came out of their homes to see the newborn children and the damage caused by the lightning, they saw a small crater in which rain had been collected. Of course they took it as a sign of the future of the children; that they both would cause mayhem and chaos, but that it would result in something good. If they had known how right they were...

Takira is the smaller of the two; but what she lack in height, she sure has in wits and intelligence. As a child she earned many bollocking not only from her parents, but also from the other villagers, simply because of her wild way of acting; if she wanted to go from the treetop to the ground, she usually just jumped; until the day she broke her leg, then she climbed. But all in all, she just acted, and still does, exactly as she pleases, only stopping, when she knows it will hurt someone other than herself.

In the village, they often say that Takira should have been born male, because she does not act or think very female. Sometimes she does not think of the limitations her body has and goes on doing something only a person with larger strength should have done. Because of that she has many scars on her body; scars that is easily shown on her sunburned skin. But Takira only thinks it is good camouflage.

Her relationship with the trolls was disapproved of in the beginning by the villagers, but when they saw that she would only ignore them back, they, though involuntarily, accepted it. She first met one of the trolls during a swim in the lake near the holt. While diving for stones on the bottom of the lake, she saw that someone was trying to steal her clothes and though she was completely naked, she jumped out of the water and ran after him. After a short run she found herself standing in front of the entrance to the trolls caves; and several trolls. Both parts were equally surprised; Takira because she had never seen trolls before, and the trolls because she was naked. But nevertheless Takira remained calm and reclaimed her clothes. And the trolls, despite their reputation of cruelty, gave it to her; maybe because they had never met an elf, who was not afraid of or despised them. A strange friendship began. Takira found herself liking the trolls, because of their similarity with her own way of thinking. She also formed a bond, a soulmating in an odd way with one of the trolls, Yatter. And he became as big a part of her family and life as her parents and brother.

Takira also has a nickname. It was given to her by the trolls, after she won a fight with one of them simply by climbing on the walls and butting him all of the time. Afterwards she could not walk straight, to the trolls great amusement, and she had a headache for days. But that is just an example of her behavior. Now she is known amongst them as the "Scullbreaker". Illustrating how the trolls respect her is not easy, but there is an example of the way they protect her: One of them fell in love with the string of golden rings she had in her left ear, and in an attempt to steal them he cut of half her ear. The other trolls took him and left; when they came back, he was not with them, and there were bloodstains on the cliffs near the White Waters along with the distinctive smell of troll. With the trolls Takira can act, think and talk as she please.

When writing this it does not mean that she dislikes elves; she just does not feel comfortable with them, seeing them as to silent and fragile, and that she would break something, if she spent to much time with her own kind.

Another important matter in her life is the preserver Jingletongue. A little, pesky critter, that is constantly in orbit, using her as the center. She usually refers to it as "the busy-bug"; due to its constant questions and interfering in her doings. As a child, she once threatened to pull of its wings, if it did not stop chasing her, and ever since it has thought she was insane, and therefore not capable of taking care herself. But nevertheless is it always around, nurturing and taking care of her, believing her to be its child. And quite frankly, Takira knows her life would be less interesting without it.

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