Do you want to know more? SCRAML is a tool designed for managing and discussing literature used in university projects and the relevance of this literature to the project.

The system has been developed using Object-Oriented Analysis & Design and implemented in C# using Object-Oriented Programming.

The outcome was a fully functional client/server-based system with multi-user support. The system has been exposed to a usability test. Furthermore parts of the system were tested using black and whitebox testing. The tests showed that the system has a high level of usability and a low rate of errors.

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The Project Report

Documentating the process and the decisions made during the creation of SCRAML, the project report is an explanation of why the program has ended up functioning and looking as it has

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Explore the program directory

This is the actual product, the program which was developed through the almost four months of hard work. Remember to run the server BEFORE running the client.

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Install SCRAML

Download the installer and install the client and server on your machine.

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Run SCRAML Client (not recommended)

By default the client is set up to connect to localhost, meaning that it will try and connect to a server set up on your local machine. Please note that while the client will run in this manner, it will be unable to save settings (such as your username and password)

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View the API Documentation

The API Documentation for the project, as created using Visual Studio's XML Comment syntax (with a little extra touch for namespace descriptions), and using the documentation generator Doxygen

Dox gen'd by: Doxygen Generated HTML


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Explore the CD

If for some reason you should wish to view the CD's structure, you can activate this item to view the contents of the CD-ROM through your file-browser.

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Visit Project Website

This item will open up a new browser window containing the website used to manage the project