The Database of Rubberist Patterns

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The Database of Rubberist Patterns

Welcome to The Database of Rubberist Patterns. This website will eventually contain a selection of patterns specifically designed for clothes made using latex rubber, with simple step-by-step instructions for their use, as well as instructions for the cutting and gluing of latex rubber.

This is a community effort, and is simply a collection of the submitted patterns and tips&tricks found on the IAR forum at

The patterns are distributed in two formats:

SVG (or Scalable Vector Graphics)

This picture format is a vector graphics format, and we have chosen this format for two reasons: The relatively small file size and because it is free. You do not need to pay any money to neither view nor edit these files.

A program called InkScape can be downloaded for free from for both Windows and Linux, and a MacOS X version is available using DarwinPorts from or using Fink from

Tricks for using InkScape are found in it's help menu under Tutorials.



Both bitmapped formats, these are available for those, who do not wish to download a program for viewing or editing SVG files.

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