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Simple Mask

by Wired
  1. Glue the neck pieces to the hood sides, you may notice the seam line on the picture, 1 centimeter lap seams have been allowed for over the whole hood pattern.

  2. Join the gusset (centre panel) to the left side of the hood, the arrow on the picture shows the start of the pointed end of the gusset.

  3. Glue the two hood pieces from the neck to the start of the gusset.

  4. Attach the right hand side of the hood to the right hand side of the panel - now you have a hood!

  5. Trim off any excess on the panel at the bottom of the neck. If you are good at hemming, make a 3/4 cm hem over the neck or reinforce with a 3/4 cm strip of latex.

  6. Add eye,nose and mouth holes as desired and reinforce with 3/4 cm strips of latex.

"You are not alone!"