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All About Latex Sheeting

©copyright 2002 by wetseal_rubber

From: Rubber The Right Way - A Condensed Primer on Making Your Own Latex Clothing

Latex Colors and Printed Latex

The most common latex colors are black, red, and semi-transparent (actually a light yellow).

Sheeting Thicknesses

  1. Less Than .31/.38 mm (<.012"-.015")
    • Balloon-like and fragile.
    • Difficult to glue with solvent adhesives without taping behind the intended seam because thin latex curls tightly and is difficult to separate.
    • Suitable for harem pants and other gossamer garments that will not be subject to stress and where sheer-ness is desirable.
    • Semi-transparent colors are most transparent in thin latex.
    • Make waistbands, necklines, and cuffs from a heavier latex.
  2. .31/.38 mm (.012"-.015")
    • Feels most like human skin.
    • Very responsive to body movement, drapes well, sensual, and not overly constrictive if stretched around the body.
    • Excellent for almost all loose fitting garments, and for tight garments that are not subject to stress.
    • Loose garments in this weight have excellent eye-catching ripple effects when the wearer moves.
    • Catsuits can be made for light duty wearing.
  3. .43/.50 mm (.017"-.020")
    • Still quite responsive to body movement and not overly constrictive.
    • Feels a bit less like skin.
    • More durable and suitable for most form fitting garments.
    • This weight is easy to seam and to create stylish work with.
  4. .50/.63 mm (.020"-.025")
    • Not as responsive to body movement and becomes constrictive if stretched around the body.
    • Suitable for heavy duty catsuits, but ensure that measurements under the arms and other sensitive areas are not too tight.
    • Make Jackets, Trenchcoats, Capes, Jeans, Vests, Mini Skirts, Chaps and other garments usually constructed from heavier fabric.
    • Many leather garments can be rendered in .50/.63mm latex.
  5. .50/.63 mm to 1.02/1.17 mm (.025"-.050")
    • Useful for BDSM articles.
    • Make restrictive garments, belting, waistbands, and waist cinchers in these thicknesses.

Sheeting Characteristics

Four D Rubber Sheeting

Hygenic Rubber Sheeting

Sheeting Forms

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