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Order of Assembly, Efficient Construction Practices and After Construction

©copyright 2002 by wetseal_rubber

From: Rubber The Right Way - A Condensed Primer on Making Your Own Latex Clothing

Order of Assembly and Efficient Construction Practices

Order of Assembly

In general, assemble example garments in this order:

Most other garments are assembled similar to the examples above.

Efficient Use of Time and Table Space

Alot of time making latex garments is spent waiting for glue to dry.

After Construction

  1. Allow 24 hours for seams to fully bond.
  2. Inspect the seams. Sometimes if your glue was not quite dry on joining or the surface not well prepared, some lifting of rolled hems and seams may occur. Gently roll these down. If an air bubble is created, use a sharp needle in an inconspicuous spot to relieve it.
  3. Clean up excess glue by rubbing gently with a soft rag and solvent. Do not over-clean.
  4. Polish as desired.

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