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Flufflevel [100%] - Pure fluff

The most fluffy bunch of individuals on the face of this planet, the furries are someone you really should give yourself the pleasure of meeting. Bunnies and wolves are about as fluffy as you get, so have a look here as well for some nice, cuddly fluffiness.

Furries, furrs, furs, depending on who you ask, and where they went to school... Fuzzly individuals at any rate... Very loose description, have a look inside
Bunnies, you know, the cute, fuzzly little creatures like the ones in your little sister's lap, or the one on the Monty Python movie... You choose ;)
Wolves, man-eating beasts with fangs the size of your head and an apetite as large, or animals with an advanced social structure and a healthy family life... It's your choice...
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