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Welcome to the links section. We don't have all the CATS sites on the web, but then again that's of course not the idea of this homepage.

The CATS Video Homepage
The CATS Video Homepage is a very nice sight, and holds a lot of very high resolution images from the video that can be used as background images. It also holds a CATS screensaver

WebRing Org
The WebRing Org sight has a lot of jellicle webrings (just search for "jellicle" in the RingWorld search engine)

J-A's Jellicle Forum
One of the best CATS discussion forums outthere... People just keep it on coming, the discussions are generally very friendly, and those that are not, are nicely told to shut up and go friendly in stead of flamey

The CATS Costuming Web Discussion Board
If you are interested in CATS costuming, this is the place to go. The webboard has a lot of almost-pros there, and people are very nice and would be happy to be able to help you. Oh, one thing: Don't ask for pictures, go to the Jellicle Forum for that instead

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