At mindRipple we not only produce homepages, programs and suchlike for our customers, we also take initiative and make products that we ourselves then either market or supply to the world free of charge to gain exposure. This page is a selection of some of these products, either in development or currently released. Most of these are small projects that one programmer has made, while a few are a colaborative effort between mindRipple and others.



The biggest programming project to date. Created because there were no products that did what became needed at one point, this project has now been released into opensource. While the program is now getting a bit old (old in computer terms being just over a year) it is still very much a program that is very usable, and indeed is used on an almost daily basis by mindRipple's web designer.


RandomiZer! 3

From the homepage: "Do you have a lot of background pictures? Can't you decide which one to use because they're all just fine for your use? Do they suit different background colors? Well, here's the program to suit your needs! RandomiZer! 3 has exactly those features, and more! It can hold a list of pictures larger than 32.000 files and each and every one can be set with a describtion, re-selectable filename and background color."



all is calm

This wallpaper was created for use with a minimalist desktop and is made to fit a desktop with a menu bar at the top of the screen, such as Mac OS, KDE 3, GNOME 2 or systems like these.

Download links:

1600x1200: ./images/wallpapers/alliscalm-1600.jpg
1024x768: ./images/wallpapers/alliscalm-1024.jpg

other projects

RopTeg (Working title)

The biggest project undertaken by mindRipple, this is a role playing system designed for everybody. Here, the word everybody is used in its widest meaning, because the system is made in such a way that it will fit anybody from the greenest beginner to the most experienced roleplayer.

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding RopTeg is what it is about. The answer is not as simple as they might expect, because the system is a truly universal system you can basically play anything you want to. From the beginning of time and before until the end of time and after. You don't even have to limit yourself to this universe, as the game gives you the posibility of traveling between different worlds.

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