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Welcome to leinir.dk - the website of one Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen. There's quite a few actual sites hosted on here, some are current and some are... archive material. All, however, are created by, or with the help of your host. DNS hosting is by GratisDNS.dk. The Curriculum Vitae of your host can be found by clicking this link.

Websites on leinir.dk

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Leinir's Online Home
The personal website of your host
The small one-man web-design and web-programming company that your host runs. Please, do get in contact with me if you need my services.
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Dream of the Sarukai
The homepage for a now more or less defunct Planeshift guild. Chaotic-good this is possibly the most random guild around. The homepage reflects this pretty well and is a complex hodge-podge of information and bits of stories and poetry and such all bunched up in a nice, clean and internet-explorer hating package ;)
Perceived Challenge
This site is the container for my Master's Thesis in Game AI. The powerful game AI technique behavior trees is well known and respected in the industry, but so far has received little attention in academia. This project aims at alleviating some of these problems by providing a formalization of behavior trees, along with proposing measurements of behavior tree appropriateness. To achieve this goal, a large collection of supporting support has been created, and this has been explained in some depth as well, including a revised and extended version of the SMARTS behavior tree system.


The House And Realty Manager. A small program built by three people in 48 hours for the MIP project, designed to manage some of the tasks found in a real estate manager's office.
Student Catalogue for Reviewing And Managing Literature, the semester project for inf1/dat1 2006
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Produktionsgruppe Nordjylland - Juletræer. A school project, where we decided to use Uberghey CMS to make it easy to update the website.
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Dan Jensen's Portfolio
A school assignment for making a portfolio website. The task was to make a design and make the website simple to update... So... I made Uberghey CMS ;)
Studieportalen - Aalborg
The intro-project on NOEA's multimedia designer course is made in cooperation with Aalborg Kommune and the task is to make a website to present Aalborg as a city where you should go to study. This was the suggestion my group came up with. Not my design, though i did make most of the HTML and CSS code behind it.
Part of the end result of an intensive, 48 hour course in innovation and creativity, NemBetaling.dk (EasyPayment.dk) is a website designed to kill off escrow services like PayPal by exposing the existing infrastructure at banks to customers through a simple online system with different levels of security for different payment sizes (why do you have to use a password, a key-card, a challenge/response system and so on to send a fiver to the guy you borrowed money from for pizza last night, for example).
Oblivious Rampaging Zombies And Monkeys
A game, with engine and editor (EGGS and BACON respectively) developed on the first semester of the Game and Engine Development MSc course - SP1/2008. Unfortunately the engine is written in XNA, meaning it doesn't work on e.g. Linux and MacOS, but oh well, it's a study project, so it is what it is - and what it is is ORZAM ;)
Puzzletive: Garden
Created as part of the DADIU May production in 2009 using Unity3D, Puzzletive: Garden is a game created by 15 people (four programmers, one of which being your host) in five weeks. The site can also be accessed through www.puzzletive.com. A small report on the process is available by clicking here. The other games in the production were: Sol, Puzzlelain, Happy Rails, Trail of the Collector and A Mazing Monk.
Smart Bugs
The game Smart Bugs: Do You Want To Know More? was created during the spring semester of 2009 as part of the same course ORZAM was developed under, and even by the same team. The game was written as a modification for half life 2, and as such it should run anywere that game does (which, luckily, seems to be in most operating systems, through methods such as Wine). So... yeah, not optimal, but at least it's better than XNA in that respect :)
This is a list of games created through Filofil, the game development club started at Aalborg University's computer science department's student organisation F-Klubben.
Team Ninja Toast Presents: How Not To Be Seen
As the name indicates, this little game is called How Not To Be Seen. It is the product of an eight person team, who got together at the Nordic Game Jam 2010 (part of the Global Game Jam), where the game was designed and created over the course of 48 hours. High-pace game development process for a very slow paced gaming experience ;)

Archive websites

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Group d103a
The project website for Group d103a, the project group your host is in for the Inf1 semester at Aalborg University.
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Midland Fire Protection Services
The homepage of MFPS. The website is archived here, but the real thing is running now - http://www.midlandfire.co.uk/
The Tutrinariana Holt Homepage
The homepage of an ElfQuest holt that Ripper and i started a long time ago. Never really took off very much.
The Database of Rubberist Patterns
An experiment in php... It didn't really work like i wanted in the end, so it stagnated. However, it ought to still work, and there is some information on there about how to produce rubber/latex garments
imáge - The Furry Persona Gallery
A gallery of furry personae, but it requires some rather large changes to the code to get it maintainable, so... No longer active :) It may, of course, return in a new and much more fancy version where people can do just a tad more (potentially using Uberghey CMS, when the profile system is finished)
The Unofficial Fan Recording of CATS
The last cramps of the UFR was this website. The project was looking rather well, and was close to begin recording... but for some reason the entire thing fell apart and it never got further.
The combined homepage of Branded_Bunni and leinir that never happened ;)
Eagle Security Management Services, Ltd.
The homepage that i made for my old employer ESMS, which is now no longer online (i presume lack of payment for the website)
Rose Poultry
Rose Poultry is a huge corporation that produces frozen and fresh poultry. I worked there during the name change, and i submitted this as a suggestion for a design. Needless to say, i never heard back from them ;)