THARM Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
HouseOver.StartUpThe StartUp class - all things start somewhere... and this is it!
HouseOver.THARM.Attributes.SaleCriteriaAn attribute used for marking up types on item classes
HouseOver.THARM.Attributes.SearchItemsAn attribute used for marking up properties on item classes
HouseOver.THARM.Buildings.ApartmentThis class represents an apartment. It inherits from domicile
HouseOver.THARM.Buildings.CastleThis class represents a castle. It inherits from House
HouseOver.THARM.Buildings.DomicileThis class represents a domicile - the most basic information required for any type of building you can live in
HouseOver.THARM.Buildings.HouseThis class represents a house - a building with one or more floors, normally situated on its own lot of ground
HouseOver.THARM.CatalogueDataThis class represents the data in the system. The class implements ICollection and uses an internal data representation of lists and dictionaries. The class can serialize and deserialize itself
HouseOver.THARM.CustomerThis class represents a customer. The class inherits from UniquelyIdentifiable for suppling it with a unique id
HouseOver.THARM.CustomerCatalogue.Compares.ProfileMaxPriceComparerA class which compares the maximum prices of the profiles of two users
HouseOver.THARM.CustomerCatalogue.Compares.SalePutUpDateComparerA class which compares the dates of the Profile instances of two Customer instances
HouseOver.THARM.ItemThis abstract class represents an item. It inherits from UniquelyIdentifiable
HouseOver.THARM.LotThis class represents a lot
HouseOver.THARM.ProfileThis class represents an interest profile for a customer
HouseOver.THARM.RealtyManagerMain class of THARM. Initiates and uses the User Interface
HouseOver.THARM.SaleThis class represents a sale
HouseOver.THARM.Search.CheckAn abstract class designed for searching through the data in the system
HouseOver.THARM.Search.ComparableCheckA class designed to check wether a value is between a minimum and maximum value, or equal to either
HouseOver.THARM.Search.EnumCheckA class designed to check the validity of an enumerated field. Extends the Check abstract class
HouseOver.THARM.UniquelyIdentifiableAn abstract class used for assigning unique ID's to inherieted objects. The class contains a private static integer variable which represents the ID next to be assigned
HouseOver.THARM.UnitTest.CatalogueDataTestThis class is a unit test class for the CatalogueData class. The class tests the add/remove methods using a black box test
HouseOver.THARM.UnitTest.RealtyManagerTestThis class is a unit test class for the RealtyManager class. It uses black box testing to test the primary functionality of the class
HouseOver.UserInterfaceThe user interface class. Presents data to the user and gets input from the user

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